Fall Is Here! Stay Safe While Driving

fALL LEAVES cARFall is here around Burlington and  Skagit County and the leaves are falling. When leaves accumulate on the roadway and become wet, they can get extremely slippery, making the driving conditions similar to driving on ice.

Besides reducing the car’s traction, causing skidding and the possibility of losing control of the vehicle, leaves often cover the painted road markings, making it difficult to know the locations of the lanes.

Watch your speed and slow down if you are driving on a road covered with leaves, especially when driving around turns.
Make sure to leave yourself plenty of room to stop in case of an emergency. Try to always keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in case they need to make an emergency stop themselves.
Also, remember to keep your windshield leaf free to avoid wet leaves getting stuck under the windshield wiper blades.
In order to avoid the possibility of a fire hazard from the exhaust system or catalytic converter, never park your vehicle over a pile of leaves . Have a safe and happy fall!

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