Eric Barber

While traveling down I5 on Presidents Day weekend, my transfer case blew up. After some research, I chose to have Burlington Automotive do the work. I had a road trip to California planned, and I wanted a place with a good reputation and warranty on their work.

Because of the expense of the job I chose to go with a used part. It still had a warranty, and for the price, I felt it was worth the risk. A month and a half later while on my California trip, this transfer case went bad. I can’t blame Burlington Automotive since it was a used part. To shorten a long story, I was well taken care of. Luis spent time finding a shop and arranging the details. I paid for a rental car and continued my trip. The warranty covered the replacement and labor costs completely. I don’t know that they made any money off of me by the time it was all taken care of, but I truly appreciate that they stood behind their work and did not leave me hanging.