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Be Prepared for Winter Trips

Burlington Winter DrivingMotor vehicle accidents involving bad weather, mostly ice and snow, claim the lives of 6,000 Americans and injure 500,000 more every year according to the National Center of Atmospheric Research. While Winter driving maybe dangerous there are several precautions you can take as a driver and vehicle owner to help ensure your safety and we at Burlington Automotive are here to help you along the way!

Have your car examined before you leave. This is one of the most crucial winter driving tips. The last thing you want to worry about is your vehicle breaking down and leaving you stranded along your journey. Burlington Automotive is here to offer you a full Bumper to Bumper Winter Inspection on your vehicle for only $79.95. Your service inspection includes a lube, oil and filter service plus an inspection of your car’s steering and suspension, brakes, all fluids, charging system, battery terminals, turn signals, brake lights and many other items. Having a Winter inspection done on your vehicle will leave you knowing your vehicle is ready and reliable for you trip.

Be prepared with directions. Before you depart, become confident in knowing your route. Remember not all areas have cell phone reception,n so if you are relying on your cell phone map for directions you will want to be sure and have an alternate method such as an in car GPS, or printed directions.

Pack a winter safety kit for the car. Don’t leave without the essentials for a safe road trip — a cell phone (don’t forget the car charger); ice scraper; tow rope and jumper cables; sand or cat litter to aid with traction; blankets; flashlights, matches and emergency candles; first aid kit; portable radio; and a good book, in case you do get stuck.

Make frequent rest stops. Winter driving is much more fatiguing than in the summer, so you’ll want to make time to stop and stretch your legs. Just a few minutes off the road will make all the difference in improving your alertness when you’re back behind the wheel. If you start to feel at all drowsy be sure and stop and rest or alternate drivers if you have someone else along for the trip.

If you have specific questions about your vehicles readiness for winter weather feel free to give us a call at (360) 757-8282 our highly trained staff is here to answer all your questions!

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