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Don’t Ignore Noises Your Vehicle is Making

Kid noiseNobody wants to have to spend money on care repairs, but if something on your vehicle is going wrong ignoring it will lead to spending more time and money on the fix.
While you may not know how to repair your car when the times comes, Burlington Automotive is here to help point you in the right direction and ensure that your vehicle as it should. Many times your vehicle will give you signs that there is a problem and it is in need of repair. By keeping your ears open while driving you may be able to identify a problem before it turns into a big issue.

Here are three sounds you never want to ignore:

1. Noise When You Brake A squealing noise when you brake is a common problem that often signifies the need for new brakes or rotor resurfacing. Remember, this is a safety issue and can compromise your vehicle’s stopping abilities.
2. Odd Humming Noise. Are you noticing a roaring or humming noise when you are driving your vehicle down the road? This could be a sign that your vehicle’s wheel bearings or tires need replaced. Either way, it’s important to get into a professional like Burlington Automotive for diagnosis and repair.
3. Rattling or Loud Exhaust? If you are hearing a rattling noise when you drive or just notice your engine suddenly seems much louder this can be a sign of an exhaust problem among other things and you should pay a visit to a shop.
Vehicles noises can sometimes be a challenge to diagnose while other noises are easily picked out. If you hear something out of the norm for your vehicle give Burlington Automotive a call, we’d be happy to help diagnose and fix your vehicle’s noise.


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