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Staying Safe on Wet Roadways

As the snow on the ground in some areas combines with the rising temperatures and rain, it is making a mess on the roads. Remember, do not attempt to drive through standing water and flooded roadways.
There is no way to tell how deep standing water is on a flooded road and driving through it can cause a vehicle to stall and result in severe damage to the vehicle including: flooding the engine, warping brake rotors, the loss of power steering and a short in electrical components.

SLOW DOWN: As little as ½ inch of water on the road leads to your tires having to displace a gallon of water per second to keep the rubber meeting the road. Reducing your speed allows your tires better traction in wet conditions.
START STOPPING EARLIER: Allow yourself ample stopping distance between yourself and vehicles in front of you.
CHECK YOUR TIRES: Be aware of the wear on your tires. Work tires provide less traction and are more apt to hydroplane on wet roads.

Remember to also be sure and check that your wiper are in good working condition to keep your visibility good.

Burlington Automotive is here to help if you need us! Give us a call today at (360) 757-8282.

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