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Noticing More Cars On the Road? There Is!

Have you been noticing that it seems like there is more cars on the road this month? According to AAA there is! According to the new study released by AAA, most American drivers drive during the fall, from October to December. Drivers avoid hitting the road during the winter months.

Below are some of the highlights to AAA’s study:

More than 86 percent of U.S. households have at least one car for every driver in the home and 28 percent report having more cars than drivers.

  • Seniors over the age of 75 drive fewer miles (5,840 annually) than teenagers (7,551 annually). Drivers ages 30-49 drive an average of 13,506 miles annually, more than any other age group.


  • Drivers who report living in rural areas drive more miles (13,029 annually) compared to drivers who live in cities or towns (10,571 annually).


  • Over 66 percent of total driving trips and nearly 62 percent of total miles driven are done by drivers without a passenger in the vehicle.
  • On average, Americans drive the most during the fall (October through December) at 31.5 miles daily and drive the least during the winter (January through March) at 26.2 miles daily.


Remember, Burlington Automotive is a AAA Approved shop and we are here to offer you trusted automotive server. Call us today at (360) 757-8282 to schedule an appointment or learn more about us!

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