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Avoid Driving Through Standing Water

Car WaterWith the recent rain and localized flooding, many people may have been tempted to drive through standing water with their vehicles. As a professional, Burlington Automotive strongly advises against navigating into deep puddles and standing water while driving.

There are many hidden dangers water can cause to your vehicle including:

Damage to Electrical Systems: Many vehicle manufacturers install electronic computers in the flood boards and under vehicle seats. Water damage to the electrical components of your vehicle may cause systems to fails. Often times water damage to these systems won’t be immediately apparent and issues will arise as the water causes corrosion over time.
Engine Intake: Water getting into your vehicles intake system is one of the worst possible scenarios. Water reaching your vehicles’ intake can get into your vehicles cylinders where the pistons will try to compress it. This can cause the piston rods to bend, or the engine block to crack. Both of which are detrimental to your engine.
Brakes: If you have driven through deep water, we advise you to have your break system checked. Water can cause damage to hot brake rotors, causing warping, which will result in a rough stopping vehicle. Water can also seep into your brake lines and cause braking system failure.


If you have accidentally driven through more water than you should have with your vehicle, we advise not starting your vehicle’s engine or driving it until it’s checked by a certified mechanic. Starting your vehicles engine after water exposure can cause even more damage. Remember, Burlington Automotive is here to help! You can reach us at 360-757-8282 or at [email protected]


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