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Stay Ready for Winter Driving

Wow, what a winter of snow and ice already!

Did you know that routine maintenance of your vehicle can greatly reduce your risk of breakdowns? Our friends at AAA found that 62% of vehicle owners are behind on their vehicle’s routine maintenance services. Falling behind on maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Below is a simple winter car care checklist can help save you time and money this winter!

  • Battery: Starting an engine in cold weather requires a fully charged battery in good condition.Have a technician test the battery for charge and corrosion before winter hits.
  • Tires :  Cold temperatures can decrease tire pressure. Proper tire pressure levels can be found on a sticker located on the driver’s side door jamb. Tire treads helps grip winter roads. Check for low tread depth and uneven wear.
  • Lights: With shorter daylight hours burnt out headlights, emergency flashers, turn signals, brake lights or back-up lights are major safety concerns. Replace any burnt out bulbs.
  • Wiper Blades: Your wiper blades should completely clear the glass with each swipe. Replace blades that leave streaks or miss spots.
  • Fluids: Make sure the oil, power steering, brake and coolant fluids are at recommended levels. Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a cleaning solution that has antifreeze components for cold weather use.
  • Brakes: Brake components that are badly worn, or a brake system in need of hydraulic fluid, can make it difficult to stop on slick winter roads. Have a certified technician ensure all components are in good working order.
  • Emergency Kit : Just in case, keep the car stocked with jumper cables, blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, an ice scraper, reflectors, a shovel,  a first-aid kit, water and non-perishable food, and a mobile phone charger. You just never know when an emergency might happen.

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