What Side is Your Gas Cap On?

We’ve all done it. Pulled up to a gas station while driving a rental car or a new car and thought, “Oh no, what side is the gas cap on?” The answer is easier than rolling down the window and awkwardly looking towards the rear of the vehicle, or getting out only to realize you pulled up on the wrong … Continue reading

Summer and Warmer Weather Are Coming. Is Your Vehicle Ready?

Summer is coming help your vehicle prepare for warmer weather Summer heat can zap the energy out of you and require you to take extra precautions for your health, the same goes for you vehicles. Below are five tips to help your vehicle run safely. 1. Check your batteries While you most often hear people talk about battery issues in … Continue reading

Buying a Used Vehicle? Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection Done

Did you know that before purchasing a used vehicle you should always have it inspected by a competent automotive technician before negotiating price.The following is a partial list of items to check before paying for a complete inspection.Be sure to write down everything you notice before taking it to your auto repair shop for inspection.Giving these notes to your auto … Continue reading

Regular Maintenance is Crucial to Your Vehicle

There are parts of a car that you don’t think about on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis, but some things need to be fixed to save money in the long run. Putting off maintenance on your car is just prolonging the inevitable and going to cost you money in the long run! TIMING BELT Have your timing belt … Continue reading

Is Maintaining Your Older Vehicle Costing Your More Than Buying A New Vehicle?

Is your car starting to need more care than when it was on the new end of the spectrum? Are you having to do more repairs to your car than just scheduled maintenance and oil changes? You maybe thinking it is time to get a new vehicle to save costs on car maintenance and repair, but you might be surprised … Continue reading

The Snow is Here, Drive Safe!

The snow is falling outside and the roads may be treacherous. Here’s some tips to keep you and your family safe while driving in the snow this Winter. Driving safely on icy roads   Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the … Continue reading

Be Prepared for Winter Trips

Motor vehicle accidents involving bad weather, mostly ice and snow, claim the lives of 6,000 Americans and injure 500,000 more every year according to the National Center of Atmospheric Research. While Winter driving maybe dangerous there are several precautions you can take as a driver and vehicle owner to help ensure your safety and we at Burlington Automotive are here … Continue reading

Is Your Car’s Battery Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall is here and winter and freezing temperatures are not far behind. Is your car or truck ready for the weather? One of the most common problems during cold weather spells is dead batteries. With a little preventative maintenance on your part you can assure yourself that your vehicle is ready for winter. Colder temperatures thicken your engine oil making … Continue reading

Do you have a relationship with your seatbelt?

We all wear them, right? The seatbelt—that webbed material composed of cotton and nylon woven together for strength. When we hear that satisfying “click” of the 3-point latch, we feel safer and a little more secure to venture out on the road. But, we haven’t always been so fortunate to have these safety restraints. I grew up in the 60′s, … Continue reading

Warning Signs….When Your Vehicle Talks to You

We think vehicles today are just short of amazing. With all of the gadgets, lights, warning buzzers and gizmos today’s vehicles can provide, we still encourage the good old basics to detect if something is not right with your vehicle. Remember the five senses you learned about in kindergarten? Easy to remember and they work pretty well when describing warning … Continue reading

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