Is Your Tire Pressure Light On?

Has your check tire pressure light come on in your vehicle? Did you know that cold temperature impact the air your vehicle’s tires?

If your check tire pressure light is on you are not alone.

The air in your tires gets colder as temperatures drop, its volume decreases. This results in it taking less space in your tire and a drop in pressure. For every 10-degree drop in temperature, tire pressures drop roughly 1-2 psi (depending upon tire size and overall volume of air inside). Air will contract and expand with temperature variations, which is why at the onset of cooler night temperatures, lights will often come on. Air expands as temperature rises and if your vehicle’s air pressure is borderline low, the cooler evening temperatures can make it fall even lower

Tire pressure monitors are a great feature to have and can save you from potential accidents or vehicle damage. Tire pressure monitors are mandatory on all vehicles sold in the US since 2008. It’s also common to see an older vehicle equipped also, as manufacturers were preparing for the 2008 mandate.
Checking your tire pressure in the morning before driving is best. Remember, the manufacturer’s recommended PSI is listed on the side of your tire. If you have questions you are also welcome to call our shop at 360-757-8282  for assistance.

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